You Want to Learn the Secrets about Permanent Weight Loss? 

Now, more than ever, we're inclined to question the “lifestyle diet” industry. Between the ever-growing resistance to fad diets, and the increasing reliance on drugs to solve our problems, where are we headed next?

Here is a great place to start: according to the American Heart Association, in accordance with doctors and wellness experts, a plant-based diet that includes a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes—while at the same time limits the intake of processed sugars and red meats—is highly recommended for longevity and optimal health. 

In fact, by using these very basic principles as a template, we can achieve healthy weight loss in no time—especially when complemented with a healthy balance of exercise. 

Even more amazing, findings indicate that a plant-based diet reduces the risk of heart failure among 42% of individuals who have been diagnosed with heart disease or heart failure in the past. Unfortunately, most of us are ignorant of these facts.

Today, the “diet industrial complex” tends to downplay the power of plant-based eating plans—as well as their benefits and rapid effectiveness—simply because the main players in the industry depend solely on recurring weight gain for their "success stories." 

Yes, these unscrupulous players design unhealthy diet plans that temporarily "help" their customers lose excess weight, but don't actually resolve the underlying issue. 

The weight-loss revolving door makes it necessary for the consumer to become dependent on popular weight-loss solutions that are not designed for long-term use. In the process, users of these “solutions” think that they are the problem and become dependent on these products. 

Start the Journey to a Healthier You from the Inside-out.

Temporary, fad-based diets only mask symptoms, often suppressing your appetite while making you super uncomfortable in the process. Yes, they may work out in the short term, but you will only find yourself slowly returning to your old habits and, eventually, your old weight...

Start targeting your weight problems at the root by addressing bad habits and addictive behavior. Learn lifestyle changes that lead to amazing benefits. 

From joint pains and skin problems to digestive troubles, headaches, allergies, nerves, and low immunity—these can all be addressed and even reversed, by following simple health and wellness rituals. 

Weight Loss Solutions For Everyone

I didn't know how to keep the weight off; I could lose it quickly, but when the diet was done, I found myself slowly regaining the weight. I always found dieting torturous and couldn't keep up. It wasn't until I began seriously working with my husband—who served as my mentor and support partner during this period—that I started to set realistic goals, identified my obstacles and found real solutions. Joseph's hands-on attention and experience literally saved my life. Now I’m passionate about helping people achieve success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I’ve started a blog to stay accountable to those who, like me, need of support in their journey to health.
Before accepting a right way of living by practicing the simple rituals that lead to good health, Joseph always thought that "living life to the fullest" meant eating and drinking with abandon. Coupled with substance abuse, this extreme self-indulgence led Joseph to finally hit bottom with multiple physical ailments and long-lasting clinical depression. Fed-up with illness, and through the help of his support group, Joseph took control of his life. With a new-found sense of joy through the discovery of a fuller way of life, Joseph is passionate about helping others find the right path through his own example.

We All Face Struggles with Our Bodies in Our Daily Lives. Coaching Places a Strong Emphasis on Improving Your Overall Health and Wellness.

Do you have high blood pressure, are you borderline diabetic, do you have irritable bowel syndrome—or are you just sick of being in pain, unable to take control of your cravings?
Maybe you're stuck in bed all day because you're depressed, find it a difficult to get yourself back on your feet, or you physically can't move from the pain in your back, knees, ankles…
Or perhaps, you're always tired and just can't muster up the energy to play with your dog, your children, your kids—or even—just take that run outside that you've always imagined…
Are you embarrassed by your skin and afraid to be caught in social situations—perhaps not even wanting to look at yourself in the mirror?
Maybe you live with terrible stomach and gastrointestinal pains, discomfort that you can't explain, which prevents you from eating and functioning every day…
Or maybe—like me—you've reached a point in your journey where you have to take action, but you're not sure where to begin and need support...

Don't worry—there is a solution!

Learn how to design a lifestyle that’s ideal for your body—one that's not restrictive in any way—that will lead you to permanent weight loss and will help you take complete control over your cravings.

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